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No One Likes Buying Tires

Buying tires for your car can be a chore and it can get expensive. We get it. We have been there. That is why we started Our mission is to make the used tire buying process fast and as simple as possible for you.

Driving on old bald tires can be dangerous but buying brand new tires isn’t alway an option. The good news is that used tires are used tires are in better condition than you think making them a great alternative to buying new tires.

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How to find Tire Information

Tire Width

The first 3-digit number is your tire’s width. Tire width is the measurement in millimeters from sidewall to sidewall. In the example, the width of the tire is 205 millimeters.

Tire Aspect Ratio

The tire’s aspect ratio is the number after the slash. The aspect ratio of a tire is the ratio of the height to the width. So in the example, the ratio of the tire is 65 which means that the height of the tire is equal to 65% of the tire’s width.

Tire Diameter

The tire’s diameter is the measurement from one end of the tire to the other. This indicates what size wheel is intended to fit in the tire. In the example, the tire diameter is 15 inches which means it is meant for a wheel with a 15 inch diameter.

Benefits of Buying Used Tires Over New Tires

It’s always best to notice that you need new tires before you encounter any issues on the road. Upon taking your car to the tire shop, however, you might find yourself wishing that you hadn’t noticed the problem; brand-new tires are expensive, and buying new tires harms the environment. However, there’s another option when you need new tires for your car or truck. Purchasing used tires in Phoenix solves the issues with your existing tires, and taking this approach is also easier on your bank account and the environment. Learn more about the benefits of used tires and find out how to find the best used tires in Phoenix, AZ.

Used Tires Are Less Expensive

The main reason why anyone buys anything used is to save money. This factor is certainly a big motivator in the sale of used tires; some estimates suggest that it’s possible to save up to 50 percent when you choose used tires over new tires. Even if a tire was only on a vehicle for a short period of time, its value is lowered simply by the act of mounting it on a wheel. Therefore, any tire that has been used to any degree will be cheaper than a new tire even if it is in practically new condition. It’s sometimes possible to find an entire set of used tires that are like new, or it might be easier to mix and match tires from different vehicles that all have different amounts of tread. No matter how you get them, used tires in Phoenix are guaranteed to be significantly less expensive than new tires.

Buying Used Tires Protects the Environment

Every year, nearly 300 million tires are discarded in the United States, and it’s hard to dispose of this type of waste. Used tires are extremely flammable, and they also leach toxic chemicals into the environment as they break down. In some cases, the rubber from used tires may be broken down and used as garden mulch, but this type of mulch is toxic, and it isn’t healthy for you or your plants. Out of the hundreds of millions of tires that are thrown away in the USA every year, about 30 million are recycled, which reduces the negative impact on the ecosystem that this type of trash causes by around 10 percent. When you buy used tires, you’re doing your part to stop the spread of pollution by giving a perfectly good tire set a new lease on life.

Used Tires Are in Better Condition than You Think

Some used tires are beyond saving, and they are promptly discarded. If a tire has over 40 percent tread left, it is often resold. Some used tires can have upwards of 70 percent tread; in rare cases, it may be possible to find used tires that have hardly been used at all. When you keep the reduced price of used tires in mind, this reduced level of tread is more than worth it for the extra mileage you’ll get without having to pay for new tires. While lots of used tires are taken from cars that went through tire changes before they were necessary, it’s also possible to find tires that were taken from cars that were involved in accidents or floods that are practically the same as new tires.

Things You Should Check Before Buying Used Tires

Used tires in Phoenix are always a great deal, but it’s important to follow a few tips to make sure that you find the best tires possible. For instance, check the four numbers after the DOT on the tire to learn when it was made. The first two numbers in this string of four digits indicate the week in which the tire was made, and the last two numbers indicate the year of manufacture. If a tire displays the numbers “2217,” for instance, it was made during the 22nd week of 2017. It’s also important to check the UTQG codes on the tires you’re buying. UTQG stands for “Uniform Tire Quality Grade,” and UTQG designations can range from 100 to 600 based on how long a tire is rated to last. It’s always best to pick tires with high UTQG numbers. There are a number of ways to check the tread depth of a tire that you’re interested in buying. The “penny test” involves inserting the edge of a penny head-down between a tire’s treads. If President Lincoln’s entire head is visible, the tire’s tread has completely worn out. You can also use a tread depth gauge to accomplish this task. In addition, if a tire shows uneven wear, it’s a no-go.

Find a Great Deal of Used Tires Today

Now that you’re familiar with the benefits of buying used tires, it’s time to save yourself some money and help the environment by finding used tires in Phoenix, AZ that are perfect for your car. To get started, fill out our simple form to receive a custom quote today!

What To Look For When Buying Used Tires

Based on the most accurate statistics, 200 million replacement tires are purchased by U.S. consumers in any given year. More and more Americans are turning to used tires when shopping around for rubber. Buying used tires will save you money, give you greater purchasing flexibility and help out the environment. If you’re looking for used tires in the Phoenix area, avoid any hardware that exhibits the following warning signs. 

Shallow Tread Depth

When you buy used tires for your car or truck, it’s a given that the tread depth with be less than that of new tires. New summer tires generally have a tread depth of 11/32″ or so. Used summer tires that are worth spending good money on should have roughly 8/32″ of tread depth. You can use the Lincoln penny trick to gauge tread depth. 

Major Punctures and Patches

Thanks to modern epoxy technology, most modern tube-less tires can be fixed quickly and reliably even if a big nail punctures them. However, punctures caused by anything larger than a 16d framing nail can be fairly problematic. If you see a patch job that’s covering up a major tear, it’s best to pass on a set of used tires regardless of make or model. 

Damage to the Sidewalls

Thanks to the construction of modern tires, it’s easy to see catastrophic failures in the making by inspecting the sidewalls. If you see bumps, waves or rings on the sidewall of a properly inflated tire, there’s a good chance that it’s an unsafe piece of merchandise. Exterior rubber that’s separating from the internal belts of a tire due to impacts will cause those bumps to appear. 

Noticeable Wear to the Bead Area

If a tire has been mounted repeatedly, there’s a good chance that its bead has been damaged. The bead is the raised inner rim of a tire that ensures a tight seal between the rubber and the wheel. A bead that’s missing chunks of rubber will severely impede the ability of a tire to create a good, leak-proof seal. Constant leaks and poor tire performance are the eventual results. 

Expired Warranties

Much like a craft beer, a tire is only good for so long regardless of the quality of the product in question. Tires come with Tire Identification Numbers that specify when they were manufactured as well as their shelf lives. If you’re buying used tires in Phoenix, check the DOT number on the sidewall. A tire that’s over 6 years old is a bad bet. 

Finding the Right Used Tires at the Right Price

While buying used tires is always a good idea, finding quality product can be difficult if you’re not an expert. Fortunately, Used Tires Phoenix greatly simplifies the process by giving consumers an easy way to track down the right tires for your vehicle. Punch your vehicle specifications into our easy-to-use form and you’ll be presented with dozens of used tire options instantly.

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